Trigger Modal

The heart of our mission is to support instructional leadership of individual teachers and teacher teams in every aspect of practice, using the principal dimensions of the leading effectiveness frameworks and evaluation rubrics.

With the help and advice of practicing educators, Agile Mind has created professional experiences, tools, knowledge, and data to equip teachers and leaders with elite resources worthy of the challenges you face every day—enabling you to elevate your practice to meet the needs of all of your students.

Our blended models of professional development are designed to support:

  • Teachers. Both new and experienced Agile Mind teachers learn research-based best practices to address key challenges and opportunities.
  • Leaders/Administrators. Site and district leaders benefit from tools and support to effectively lead the implementation process, foster beneficial use of programs, and make decisions informed by research, performance data, and progress toward measurable goals.
  • Coaches. Coaches experience comprehensive support in serving systems whose leaders want to build their internal capacity to launch and sustain a robust Agile Mind implementation.

Professional services focus on planning and preparation, classroom and school environment and culture, instruction, and professional responsibilities. Educators engage in professional services through:

National Institutes and Regional Seminars

Customized Advisor Services

Job-embedded professional supports

Real-time reports that help answer ‘What now?’ questions