Agile Mind is proud to be the only math curriculum across the nation to receive top ratings by in both middle and high school math.

Welcome, Amherst-Pelham Parents!

Thank you for visiting! This page provides an orientation for Amherst-Pelham District parents’ review of Agile Mind’s middle and high school mathematics programs.

Our programs appear in a “blended” format, meaning that some essential materials are provided online and others in print. The online aspects of Agile Mind’s programs can be shared with an entire class by being projected. In this model, all that is needed is a computer, access to the Internet, and a projection device. In 1:1 classrooms or settings with access to shared computers or tablets, students can work online at the direction of their teacher.

In any model, students work in pairs or small table groups and use activity sheets and manipulatives as they engage in challenging tasks, collaborate with peers, prepare and present their ideas, and reflect on how they learn.

VIDEOS & OTHER RESOURCES: We encourage you to review the resources below, which provide a brief overview of our approach to teaching and learning and examples of classroom lessons.



All Agile Mind programs include a complete set of tools to help teachers work most effectively and to enable students to take responsibility for their learning:

  • Job-embedded professional development with just-in-time support, lesson plans, and high-yield strategies built with the support of teachers
  • Rigorous, comprehensive course curricula built for next-generation standards, enriched by animations, multiple representations, and simulations of central concepts
  • Comprehensive practice, homework, and test preparation resources
  • Rich, next-generation formative assessments, many automatically graded
  • Real-time data and reports on the progress of effort and learning
  • Directly supports Advanced Learners and SAT preparation

Agile Mind’s mathematics programs are a result of collaboration between the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin, Agile Mind, and dedicated educators around the nation. More than a decade of research shows that a comprehensive alignment of instructional resources correlates positively and powerfully to student achievement and teacher satisfaction. The Dana Center website provides more information about their work with the Agile Mind course programs and assessments you may reference. 

Thank you for your time and consideration as we work together to transform achievement in math and science — for all students!