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Agile Assessment provides educators with flexible tools for creating high-quality formative assessments to capture real-time data that can be used to affect student learning every day. Research-based items are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and other rigorous state standards, containing the kinds of tasks required for success on high-stakes next generation assessments.

Current and new partners will value:

  • Building custom, high-quality assessments with next-generation item types designed for interaction, engagement, and appropriate challenge.
  • Over 5,000 technology enhanced math assessment items for Grade 6 – Algebra II, including thousands of next-generation items: drag and drop, fill in the blank, graph creators, hot-spot capabilities, and other novel designs that foster assessment for learning.
  • Research-based items tested for validity, with detailed alignments to relevant standards, and information on depth of knowledge and reading level.
  • Real-time reports that help educators assess student progress and make informed instructional decisions in a convenient and timely manner.
  • Alignment of each assessment item to Agile Mind program resources that offer educators comprehensive integrated curriculum and instructional support.
  • Accessibility on many platforms, including iPad and Chromebook.

Talk with us about working together to close the achievement gaps in math and science.

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Dedicated educators tell us that they have significant unmet needs for meaningful data on student learning, and for the ability to interpret these data to make informed instructional decisions that will improve achievement for all students. With their help, we have designed reports that they tell us are incisive, easy to access, and easy to use to shape productive action.

For more information to use in your evaluation of assessment solutions, as well as on the strengths of Agile Assessment, click HERE.