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Agile Mind’s Integrated Mathematics I course is the first course in the high school integrated sequence and builds coherently from our middle school mathematics series. Beginning with connections back to earlier work, this course efficiently reviews algebraic and geometric concepts that students have already studied while at the same time moving students forward into the new ideas described in the high school standards.

Agile Mind lessons foster student engagement and deep mathematical understanding through rich problem-solving activities, real-world connections, powerful visualizations and animations, and frequent opportunities for student discourse and collaboration.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn to use basic algebraic tools (graphs, tables, and symbols) to represent problem situations
  • Develop a solid understanding of rate of change
  • Formalize their understanding of the concept of a function
  • Model and solve important problems with linear and exponential functions and related equations
  • Represent and analyze univariate and bivariate data, including understanding the difference between correlation and causation
  • Understand and apply the structure of—and relationships within—an axiomatic system
  • Become adept with the tools central to the study of space and spatial relationships
  • Develop spatial reasoning ability, including the capacity to represent and transform shapes and figures concretely, pictorially, algebraically, and through the use of coordinate systems
  • Use geometric representations and symbols to solve problems and prove theorems
  • Strengthen their knowledge of the connections between algebra and geometry

Topics are designed to provide ample opportunity for students to develop their ability to apply important mathematical processes and practices as they master the content described in next-generation college and career readiness standards.

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Rigorous Core Instruction

Our approach to instruction deepens students’ commitment to learning, encouraging their persistence in the face of academic challenge.

Our programs include:

  • Comprehensive, standards-centered lessons with real-world contexts emphasizing problem solving and critical thinking
  • Visually rich animations and simulations that deepen understanding of central concepts
  • Multiple representations of mathematical relationships that develop stronger and more flexible understandings
  • Interactive formative assessment items that personalize learning
  • Preparation for high-stakes assessments with both automatically graded and open-response questions
  • Real-time reports that move teachers and learners to action

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Integrated Mathematics 2
Integrated Mathematics 3

Robust Supports for Teachers

Much is said and written about the increasing demands on educators, and Agile Mind has pioneered in applying a blended approach to creating respectful supports for professional learning needs. In addition to online professional supports, educators and administrators  in face-to-face seminars and customized mentoring. They are equipped with comprehensive and  high-quality resources to manage their demanding workloads, improve their expertise, and dramatically improve outcomes for their students.

Supports for teachers encompass:

  • Research-based, standards-centered instructional resources
  • Detailed mapping of specific standards to instruction and assessments
  • Visualizations of key mathematical concepts that increase students engagement and learning
  • Formative assessment tools that provide rapid feedback
  • Real-time reports that save time in identifying progress and challenges
  • Face-to-face and online professional development seminars and mentoring tied directly to practice
  • Job-embedded instructional support every day

Learn about our Student Activity Sheets for student exploration, study, and practice — available online at no additional cost and in printed and bound editions for purchase.