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Intensified Mathematics I is a comprehensive, extended-period program designed to help students who are one to three years behind re-engage as motivated learners and achieve at grade level in Mathematics I within a single academic year.

In districts nationwide, as many as 50% of students fail their gateway course to higher mathematics – whether Algebra I or Mathematics I – and must repeat it, some more than once. These struggling students remain behind, are unable to gain needed requirements for graduation and college, and are at greater risk of dropping out.

Central to the Intensified Mathematics I program is the idea that struggling students need a powerful combination of additional time; a challenging curriculum; cohesive, targeted supports and interventions, and teachers who are well equipped for helping them make up for lost learning. With these tools and teaching supports in place, students can stay on track, graduate on time, and gain passage to advanced learning.

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Help Students Succeed

Intensified Mathematics I integrates a comprehensive course curriculum with interventions from social psychology to motivate and develop students’ positive beliefs about their academic abilities.

Intensified Mathematics I delivers:

  • In-depth, hands-on exploration tools, including animations, simulations, and practice problems, to build comprehension of key concepts and skills
  • Continuous feedback with interactive animations, formative assessments, hints, and self-test questions and answers
  • Differentiated instruction that targets needed practice and review through rich visualizations, multiple representations of concepts, and daily small-group activities
  • Strategic routines and structures to access and organize students’ growing understanding of crucial mathematics content

Help Teachers Succeed

New and experienced teachers benefit from comprehensive support:

  • Research-based and standards-aligned instructional resources, enriched by visualizations of key mathematical concepts, that increase student engagement and learning
  • Resources, tools, and classroom routines that enable teachers to establish positive learning environments in an extended-period 70—90 minute class
  • Ongoing online assessments with immediate feedback and real-time reporting
  • Tools for higher-quality class preparation, including lesson plans, teaching advice, and strategies for improving student performance
  • Professional services facilitated by master teachers—face-to-face seminars and online supports

Transform Beliefs and Behaviors

Many of the core concepts of our Academic Youth Development program are also integrated within Agile Mind Intensified Mathematics I. This groundbreaking program melds best practices in mathematics instruction with advances in developmental and social psychology and in research on struggling learners to shape students’ engagement, confidence, and commitment to challenging academic programs. Students are motivated. Teachers are energized. And parents see in their children a future where anything is possible.

Learn more about the Academic Youth Development ideas found in Intensified Mathematics I.

Developed By Educators

The Intensified Mathematics I program was informed by the multi-year implementation of Agile Mind’s Intensified Algebra I program – the result of a collaboration of the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin, the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Agile Mind, and leading educators throughout the country. The Intensified Algebra I program was developed with support from the National Science Foundation, the Searle Funds of the Chicago Community Trust, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.