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Agile Mind Biology helps ensure that students gain an essential understanding of challenging concepts and processes from all six major National Science Education Standards content strands: the cell; the molecular basis of heredity; biological evolution; the interdependence of organisms; matter, energy, and organization in living systems; and the behavior of organisms. In each topic, students explore scientific questions, make predictions based on evidence, analyze data, develop evidence-based explanations, and relate these explanations to situations relevant in their lives.

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Engaging Visualizations of Concepts

Engaging visualizations of concepts and landmark experiments that revealed them enable teachers to help their students visualize, analyze, and comprehend important biological processes—from atoms and molecules to ecosystems and the biosphere.

Agile Mind Biology was developed in collaboration with teachers throughout the country and by distinguished science educators from the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study group (BSCS) and the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin. Its rich, field-tested resources—including authoritative assessments aligned to state standards—make it possible for all teachers to implement best practices in inquiry science teaching.