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What educators are saying...

Agile Mind’s Intensified Algebra course provides clear learning routines that support students in building conceptual understanding of algebraic thinking, using multiple routes to solutions and multiple ways to represent answers.  This design fits right in with our Ninth Grade Academy components of consistent routines, clear expectations, and close learning relationships between adults and students.  Since algebra is a gateway courses to promotion, when 85% of academy students pass algebra, as they did in SY 14-15, it eases the way for our overall increase to 75% of the students promoting to the tenth grade in one year.

While we closely monitor and respond to the rates of students on track to promote throughout the year, 75% of academy students promoting to the tenth grade surprised and delighted us.

Chrisanne LaHue, Director of Ninth Grade Academies, District of Columbia Public Schools, DC

“The AYD program is the cornerstone of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Algebra Readiness initiative  STEM ( Summer Topics Exploring Mathematics).   STEM in partnership with AYD is providing our 8th math students a summer opportunity to fill their toolbox before entering 9th grade with math content, procedural fluency strategies, confidence, and motivation to succeed.”

Joanne Whitley, Seconday Math Specialist, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina

“Agile Mind is a transformation of the mind! Students and teachers seek first to understand and then to apply. Our results show that students retain the concepts and can quickly access their understanding by remembering a particular ‘experiential story’ within the Agile Mind Program.”

Patti Bock, Director of Curriculum, Speedway Schools, Indiana

“The Intensified Algebra program humbled me. It allowed me to bring so much more to the classroom than I ever could have done on my own. The results speak for themselves; my students made huge measurable gains and I became a much better teacher.”

Jeremy Jackson, Mathematics Teacher, Leyden Community High School, Franklin Park, Illinois

“It (Intensified Algebra) is just an amazing program…. Our Level 1 students are showing they can be very competitive against Level 3, 4, and 5 students. Our students are more successful than a lot of students in Algebra I classrooms.”

Kimberly Buechner, Mathematics Teacher, Hillsborough County Schools, Florida

“Agile Mind holds the students’ attention and makes them better thinkers. I would not want to teach algebra without it.”

Rebecca Kilgore, Mathematics Teacher, Speedway High School, Indiana

“Agile Mind impacted me not just as an educator, but as a parent. I’ve even changed the language I use with my 3-year-old daughter. We talk about ‘being a hard worker,’ and I’ve discussed with my wife the importance of identifying and praising her effort, not just telling her that she’s smart.”

Luis Velazquez, Academic Youth Development (AYD) Teacher, Oak Grove, San Jose, California

“I thought Agile Mind was incredible. As a new teacher I am always looking for instruction assistance. For that reason, the first thing I noticed was the incredible TEKS correlation. Plus the website contained great instructional tips and assessments… Another great benefit of the site is the fabulous animations and graphics which will help hold student interest and attention.

I guess you could say I’M HOOKED!”

Wendy Riley, AA Nick Kerr Middle School, Burleson, Texas

“Even though I didn’t think I had time to implement another new program at our school, I found out that having students work on Agile Mind to explore a new topic before I taught the lesson actually saved me time in the long run!”

Ramon Guzman, Algebra I Teacher, Lyford High School, Lyford, Texas

“I have been able to look at all that there is through the site, and I can’t say enough positive things about it. I love the technology that the students get to experience, and how easy and immediate the feedback is for me.”

Judy Guerra, Algebra I and Geometry Teacher, Lyford High School, Texas

“The value of Agile Mind is not just in the interaction of computer and student, but in the material itself. It provides the theory, algebra, and the geometric reality of calculus with animation. Further, it provides questions not in the content of the standard calculus book. It forces the student to actually learn Calculus from both theoretical and applied components, and forces the teacher and student into the Free Response component of the AP exam.

Agile Mind is essential in today’s learning environment. For me, it has been a journey that I would not trade for myself or my students. I am very thankful!”

Josie Mallery, Calculus Teacher, Klein High School, Klein, Texas

“Just a quick update as to how Agile Mind did in the Math pullout program at McCollum HS. We used it for approximately 35 kids. The pullout program is for 11th graders who are not currently enrolled in a math class at the high school, and are in particular danger of not doing well on the TAKS Math test. The overwhelming response of the kids was favorable, with a couple of kids actually asking for ANOTHER session during the day to keep working on it!

Your program is a hit here! I think its use as an individualized tool to help students stay sharp for TAKS and to bolster up their math weaknesses is right on target. Thanks so much for your help and prompt assistance.”

Steve Sippel, Secondary Math/Science Specialist Harlandale ISD, San Antonio, Texas